Military Conflicts Worldwide

I have written a number of articles on terrorism, conflicts and wars from around the world which I will share here.


Including the ‘Best Article 2013′, Award by the European Military Press Association’s (EMPA) ‘At the Gates of Hell (Mali)’ – In January 2012, a Tuareg rebellion in northern Mali led to a period of instability in the region. The chaotic situation provided an opportunity for extremist Islamic groups, including Ansar Dine and Al-Qaeda, to turn on the Tuaregs and seize control, with the expressed aim of implementing strict Islamic Sharia law in Mali.

Published in April 2013 issue of An Cosantóir: The Defence Forces Magazine.


A Conflict of Interest – The Falklands War – At 0430hrs on April 2nd, 1982, 150 men of the Buzo Tactico – Argentine special forces – landed by helicopter at Mullet Creek, a small inlet some three miles to the south-west of the Falklands’ capital, Port Stanley. This landing was part of an Argentine invasion of the Falklands…

Published in the December 2012 / January 2013 issue of An Cosantóir: The Defence Forces Magazine


Operation ‘Neptune Spear’ – In the aftermath of the September 11th attacks, the United States’ intelligence community identified Afghanistan as a possible safe haven for al-Qaeda operatives and a coalition force led by the US invaded the country.

Published in the March 2013 issue of An Cosantóir: The Defence Forces Magazine.